Image of Sean Knickerbocker "Killbuck" Graphic Novel

Sean Knickerbocker "Killbuck" Graphic Novel

by Sean Knickerbocker


$10 / 96 Pages
5.5 X 8.5 / B&W Interiors

*This is a Pre-Order Ships 9/19*

An honest portrait of young people living in impovershed rural America, Killbuck is a coming-of-age glance into the lives of Kris, Jesse, and Gracie. Together and at odds with each other and the world, the teenagers struggle with the literal and figurative they take and with whom to take them. Filled with raw gestural cartooning Sean Knickerbocker's debut graphic novel captures what it means to be young, lost, and stuck.

You can see more of Sean's work over at his website.